Real -Time Engagement Practices for Gen Y or Millennials in Tech Companies

Gen Y or Millennials are the generation born between 1982 and sometime in the early 2000’s. This age group comprises more than 65 percent of the total workforce in any technology based organizations in India and hence the focus in engaging them is a prime focus for today’s HR’s.

Companies these days are engaging with Gen Y employees by implementing REAL TIME TRACKING of their sentiments rather than depending only on the annual employee satisfaction surveys.  This helps to sort the issues within a short time period before it gets spread and change the atmosphere into negative and result in attrition.

For e.g. the HR team at Zensar Technologies noticed the employee comments on their group portal “Zenverse” about the issues related to the outsourced cab services hence decided to work on improving the cab service thus reducing the employee agony towards the organization’s cab facility.

Persistent Systems is working on an app where employees will have a provision of mood indicator where employees would change their status to reflect how they are feeling after availing any benefit or services of the organisation.

Brillio, a tech consulting firm has a system of “What’s up Board” which is used to provide feedback on various parameters, like leadership, HR, communication etc.

HCL Technologies has Happiness Index, an analytics based platform where employees respond to a set of statements which assist in identifying the mood of the organisation culture. These short surveys are often sent to anyone in the organisation who has undergone a change of some sort. This may apply to a new supervisor, after the performance appraisal or someone who has been given a new role or can be a feedback at the end of a project etc.

This real time tracking of the employee sentiments reduces the disengagement level right at the beginning before it fosters and becomes a wound for the employees resulting into attrition.

( Adapted from Economic Times – 19th December 2016)

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