Work Life Balance Initiatives at Hindustan Unilever – A road to Engagement


There are several policies of HUL which helps employees to maintain the professional and their personal life go hand in hand which engages them to the organisation

Career Break Policy: Any manager of HUL is allowed to avail this policy which will help them to manage their work life balance. This kind of break can be taken for a period up-to 5 years in total for any reason for the employee’s concern such as for higher study, adoption, sabbatical, maternity, paternity or pursuing any personal dreams.

Work place Facilities: The head office at Mumbai is furnished with day care facilities, bank, shopping center, café, gymnasium, florist etc. Even provision for drop facility with escort/ guards for lady employees working late in the evening exist.

MAPS (Maternity and Paternity Support):  Maternity leave of 6 Months and Paternity leave of 2 weeks are allowed at HUL. The same roles are responsibilities are given back once the employees are back from their maternity leaves. The an integrated online portal called MAPS (Maternity and Paternity Support) enables the line manage and the employees during this transition period via various tools, resources and guidance.

Agile Working: The technology enabled environment at HUL helps employees to avail policies like Work from home, flexi-hours and part time / reduced hours (including a job share policy).

Lamplighter Employee Programme:  This program helps employees to tackle health risks and renders support to eliminate such risks. It also aspires to advance the nutrition level, fitness and mental condition of employees. The employee are assigned colour codes (green, amber and red) based on their health quotient as a part of the programme. The Medical and Occupational Health Team motivates employees through various health promotion and protection programmes to bring about lifestyle changes thereby reducing health risks and helping employees transit from Red to Amber and from Amber to Green.

Career by Choice programme:  It is unique program which gives a direction for women to come back to work after a long break. It helps to women employees to gradually transit to the work life. It starts with a structured induction program designed to familiarize with the company followed by an assigned project guide who co-owns the project. The guide would be working closely with new employee to provide direction and support throughout the project across various functions like Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Research and Development. This program is eligible for any women with minimum of two years experience in areas of Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain or Research and Development who are looking for an opportunity to work flexibly. A similar kind of program is run by TATA group called the Tata Second Career Internship Programme (SCIP), calling upon women to take on a second career.


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