Retention Initiative for the Blue-Collar Big Basket Staffs


More than 1500 blue-collar employees work with the, an online grocery start up organisation. Majority of these employees are designated as warehouse employees or delivery boys who comes from outside the city, generally from northern and eastern part of India or people from near-by villages. These employees have a limited expectation from their job such a safe and hygienic workplace, clean drinking water and timely salary. The average salary for these employees is Rs.11000 which makes it difficult for them to survive and save money for their family. Hence they switch over to rivals even for a hike of Rs.500 to Rs.1000. Hence the attrition among this level of employees is the highest.

In order to manage the retention of these blue collar employees, Big Basket has come up with a free housing and accommodation facility. In that case, these employees would be saving a big amount from their salary which they can send to their family. These housing facilities would be near to their workplace which reduces their daily transpiration cost too leading to further avenue for savings. The accommodations have been made in dormitory style and some shared apartments with facility of washrooms and clean drinking water.  Not only this, Big Basket also conducts frequent education sessions for these employees. In fact the organisation has a strong focus on sexual harassment since many women employees are working in the warehouse division.

These facilities of free housing, clean drinking water, frequent education sessions helps Big Basket to retain their talents and also improve the productivity thereby controlling the competition among the rivals like Grofers and PepperTap who looks out for the same category of talents in the market.


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