Accenture Extends Adoption and Surrogacy Leave to 22 weeks

Now employees of Accenture are allowed to take a leave of 22 weeks for adopting a child or in case of Surrogacy. Earlier the organization had 8 weeks of paid leave for adoption.  Not only this, one month of additional paid maternity leave to cover for illness, if any, and additional three months of unpaid leave based on the requirement  or demand in the family

This policy has been made in alignment to the maternity policy of the organization which highlights the importance of any new child who arrives in a family through any way is given the same priority.

Apart from the paid Leave, the employees also can avail the wide range of facilities such as assistance programs, pre- and post-maternity counselling sessions, discounted childcare services and interactive parenting workshops

Recently Accenture has been found in a survey by AVTAR Group & Working Mother Media as the number one organization for women to work in India

With regards to adoption leave, few companies have initiated the practice such as Proctor & Gamble which has a policy of Paid Leave of 6 Months for adopting a child. Standard Chartered, Citibank and Barclays too have a adoption policy globally. This is applicable to hetero as well to  homo sexual couples, couples in a live-in relationship, single parents too who want to adopt child.

Adapted from Times Of India dated 20 December 2016

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