“Patanjali” as an Employer

Recently Times of India dated 22nd December 2016, stated that Patanjali Employees have already started receiving their performance increments for the year. It also mentioned that the appraisal system at Patanjali is Quick and results are conveyed to the employees quickly.


Patanjali, is managed by Sri Acharya Balkrishnaji as the managing director under the registered name as Patanjali Ayurved Limited based at Delhi. Three vice-presidents report to Sri Balkrishnaji. CP Nagpal heads foods and juices, Ex- Emami employee, Ravindra Kumar Chaudhary leads the cosmetics business and Ex HUL employee, Rakesh Sharma is chief of sales and marketing. This organisation is formed under the vision of Baba Ramdev, the renowned Yoga Guru. Currently Patanjali employs more than 6000 labourers in its processing activities, more than 400 sales staff and 300 technically qualified employees.

Executives have joined from reputed international FMCG players like Hindustan Unilever and Procter & Gamble, apart from domestic companies Himalaya, Dabur and Emami. Many employees are attracted by the looking at the future prospects for career growth, and uplifting the business and the culture of the company. The MD of the organisation says that “Ours is not a corporate culture-it is a spiritual culture and it is purpose-driven”.

During the selection stage interviews, two parameters are ensured from the applicants. They should not have smoking habits and second they should of Satvik nature. The compensation is in alignment of the other competitors. “Baba Ramdev comments that the organisation is not looking for top business school graduated like IIM’s who demands crores in pay. Youths from non-metros are generally recruited, trained and deployed as territory in-charges. English speaking is not a mandatory condition for Pantanjali. Patanjali prefers people without experience but with enthusiasm and commitment.


Some of the Employee Reviews about the organisation from Glassdoor & Indeed:


  • Good working atmosphere of the company
  • Free Conveyance and  Uniform
  • The dress code is white, probably the only FMCG company where an executive can wear a kurta pyjama to work.
  • Seniors are encouraged to treat their colleagues with respect—rude behavior at workplace is not entertained


  • Team is not good for co-ordination
  • Salary not paid on time
  • Long working hours
  • Lack of facilities provided to the employees as compared to other FMCG organisations.
  • The entire organization support racism.
  • No career advancement
  • Worst salary package, no perks nor bonus neither incentives.
  • They want professionalism when it comes to doubling the target, but when it comes to salary increment the organisation want employees to provide “seva”/ selfless service
  • No system of taking feedback or suggestions from employees
  • Do not provide salary slip
  • Lack of appraisal system followed by Increments or promotion

In such case, Patanjali might have a tough time is attracting and retaining top talents. Recruiting senior level employees would be a tougher job. The systems and processes are still at elementary level which needs to be improved. The brand as an employer will not grow with the astute managerial style and oratory skills of Baba Ramdev.


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