Even Al Qaeda needs some help with HR.

Al Qaeda -the terrorist organization also faced some serious issue with managing the people at leadership level.

This is in relation to manage its one of the Leaders at the Top most level – Moktar Belmoktar who was an ambitious regional commander in Al Qaeda.

The below mentioned were the various issues that the Al Qaeda faced in Managing his top leader.

  • He proved to be a very arrogant commander with disrespectful attitude as he often refused to follow the orders from the top management.
  • He has wasted lot of resources which were allocated to him
  • He had deviated from the business model that the organisation use to follow
  • He was highly insubordinate in nature
  •  He had complained many times on the usage of social media by the organisation
  • He had failed to meet the organisation’s expectation in terms of task completion
  • He has failed to submit his expense reports on time
  • He has ignored/missed the international meetings with the top leaders when ever required
  • He even refused to pick up the calls from the head office

Note : These charges against him was found in a letter addressed to Moktar Belmoktar in a building in Mali formerly occupied by Al Qaeda fighters and was eventually passed to the  Assocaited Press in US.

Later he had quit Al Qaeda and formed his own group & within months 2 lethal operations were carried out that killed 101 people in Algeria & Niger

Conclusion: All organisation irrespective of big or small, famous or infamous, social or anti-social needs to manage their leadership team. Everyone needs helps with people management and HR related issues.

Today we are talking about Mr.Narayan Murthy coming back to Infosys assuming that some thing went wrong with the succession planning. Then imagine about the largest terrorist group like Al qaeda managing their leadership team


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