Conflict and Negotiation


  • It is defined as a process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party.
  • Conflict is a situation where two people differ from each other regarding a common goal or object
  • Conflict is a situation which arises from disagreement over the goals to attain or the methods used to accomplish these goals

Positive outcomes of conflict

  • Better ideas produced
  • People are forced to search of new approaches
  • Long standing problems brought to the surface and resolved
  • Clarification of individual views
  • Stimulation of interest & creativity
  • A chance for people to test their capacities

Negative outcomes of conflict

  • Some people feel defeated & demeaned
  • The distance between people increased
  • A climate of mistrust & suspicion developed
  • Individuals & groups concentrate on their own narrow interests
  • Resistance developed rather than team work
  • An increase in employee turnover

Main sources of conflict

  • Differences in perception
  • Limited resources
  • Departmentalism & specialization
  • The nature of work activities
  • Role conflict
  • Inequitable treatment
  • Violation of territory
  • Environmental change

Strategies for managing conflict


  • Consider other party’s situation & viewpoint
  • Have a plan & concrete view
  • Begin with a positive view
  • Address the problems & NOT THE PERSONALITIES
  • Emphasis on win-win situations
  • Create a climate of trust
  • Have an open mind
  • Adapt cultural differences



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