Shift in Employee Engagement from Traditional Companies to E- Commerce Start Ups

The Chief Financial Officer and Advisor to the CEO of India’s leading IT Organisation, Infosys has quit the lucrative role and joined Ola cabs as the CFO.

This is not the only top executive who has quit a leadership role at a traditional MNC and has joined the emerging start-up company. Some of the other top executives who have done the same are as follows:

  • Sriram Venkataraman joined Flipkart as CFO after quitting the Head of Finance position at HUL
  • Hardeep Singh joined Snapdeal as Head of Infrastructure after quitting the Head of Supply Chain position at Bharti Retail
  • Samardeep Subandh joined Flipkart as Chief Marketing Officer after quitting the Chief Sales officer position at Marico
  • Ananth Narayan joined Myntra as CEO after quitting the Director position at McKinsey India
  • Manpreet Ratia joined Amazon as Head of Operations after quitting the Regional Director(APAC) at Citibank

The Key Elements to engage these top executives to these E-Commerce Start ups is as follows:

  • Larger opportunity for creativity and innovation
  • Higher Growth Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Total ownership at projects
  • Thrill of shaping a new age industry
  • Flexible Hours at workplace
  • Room for Diversity to take decisions
  • Innovative Compensation

On the other hand, the traditional companies also have tweaked their ways to engage their key talents. Some of the engagement strategies are as follows:

  • Offering Higher Salaries
  • More International Exposure
  • Giving Employees more Freedom and Accountability
  • Job Rotations

In fact majority of them who joins these start ups have an entrepreneurial mindset of working. Hence companies such GODREJ has come up with innovative ways to engage the key talents. It has launched a program called “LOUD –Live Out Your Dream” where the organisation will fund the employees to fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions. In fact the company offers those employees with scholarships for a series of activities such as film making, cycling in Europe to CSR activities. Similarly WIPRO has created a fund called “WIPRO VENTURES” which funds the start up ideas of the employees.

Adapted from Business Today,November 2015


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