5 ways for a MANAGER to Motivate the Employees

The biggest road block towards engaging the employees is their immediate supervisor. It is said that an employee does not leave his/her organisation, in fact the employee leaves the boss/supervisor. It is largely up to the supervisor, who can keep their team enthusiastic, empowered, inspired & confident about their job.

There are 5 things which a manager can do to engage the team & foster an environment of happiness.

1. Start with the basic manners
Basic courtesy of greeting or saying “hello” every one that you come across at work, acknowledging every time when a job is done by saying “thank you” makes a work place a happier one to associated with. Specially when employees at a senior levels responds positively to a junior level, it makes a lot of positive impact on the other employees. A simple appreciation or a pat on the back does wonders. It is said that emotions are contagious. When a manager comes with a frown face & remains all the time whenever they interact, the subordinates also tend the respond back in the same manner resulting to a negative work environment.

2.The magic of recognition
It is essential to communicate to the employees when they do something outstanding or go beyond their key result areas. Recognizing an employee’s hard work increases the morale & boosts the performance. Catching people for doing something good is any time better than finding faults. It makes them feel appreciated, thankful to the job & stimulates the employee to continue. The employees who are recognized & appreciated tends to repeat the better performance and then achievement of such high performance becomes a practice of the organization

3.Promote the fun culture at job
Fun is a small three letter word but creates wonder for the employees. At the end of the day if employees do not enjoy what they do, then that gets reflected in the quality of the work resulting into reduction in productivity. A manager can held small fun activities for the team within the premise during non-peak hours. Even take the employees for team lunch or dinner. This reflects that the degree of care that manager has for the employees in terms of performance & attitude of team work. In fact McDonalds follow the culture of triple “F” which is fun, flexibility & future”. They ensure that managers are NOT ENTERTAINING the employees but ENGAGING them in the various ways. It is about understanding the emotions of the employees & acting accordingly keeping the business objective in mind.

Communication is first step towards building a relationship with the team. A manager’s communication has to be clear & loud enough to reach the team members. The way that is been communicated reflects the attitude & seriousness in the task/subject. Consistency in the communication is of utmost important. A leader cant take back or back stab his/her own words that has been already communicated to the employees specially when something good/beneficial for the employees has been announced. Third communication has to be often with the employees. Employees should have the comfort level to come up the manager & share the issues that he/she is facing. They should not feel as stranger while speaking to their manager due to the communication gap.

5.Invest in your people.
One of the prime tasks of being a manager is employee development. A manager’s role should be of encouraging the team to upgrade their skills along with their performance, motivating them to attend seminars, training programs etc. Provoking the employees to pursue their hobby along with the work activities ensures a work life balance. When a manager takes a responsibility on a serious note to develop the employees and pull them up to the corporate ladder, the team also takes the leader on a serious note that ensures to the give the best performance for the manager.


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