Work life balance initiative at Flipkart – The Best in Class


Flipkart is the first E-Commerce company in India who has taken several initiatives to maintain a work life balance for their employees. Looking at the workforce demographics where 35% of the employees are new married couples with an average age of 29 years at Flipkart, the organisation has launched a new Child Care Policy where four reputed crèches have been tied up under the Daycare Support Program. Flipkart employees are allowed to enroll their children upto 4 years in any of these crèches and avail a discount of 50% on the fee. The four crèches that has been selected for providing the facility for Flipkart employees is based on the facilities and convenience of location. These crèches are WeCare, Klay, Vivero, and YKROK.

Recently Flipkart also introduced 6 months PAID maternity leave in addition to the 4 months of flexible working hours. Not only this, if required a 1 year career break without pay. Even the expectant mothers are also entitled to receive Rs.600 as their daily transport allowance for 2 months before going on maternity leave. Even dedicated parking spot for two months before and after delivery is facilitated. Other benefits are Baby shower and Gift Basket loaded with goodies

In addition to this, the organisation also has started the Adoption Assistance Program where employees are paid adoption leave with Rs. 50000 as adoption allowance to cover the legal and regulatory costs incurred during the adoption process. The maternity leave options are same in case of the adoption process also. Moreover, the adoptive fathers will be granted a PAID Leave of 6 weeks under this program. As an add on this policy, an unpaid leave for upto 3 months will also be available with an assurance of continuity on the same job.

These policies are aimed to attract,motivate and retain more quality talents ensuring total engagement of employees.

Image Credit – Shutterstock


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