“R-VOICE” – Employee Engagement Program from Reliance


Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has evolved with a unique initiative to engage their employees called, “R-VOICE”. It is a radio engagement program for the employees to share their opinions, suggest and view the best practices within the organisation. This initiative will be a platform to understand the employees’ better, sort out the grey areas, get a clear picture about their thought and feeling about the current organizational practices. In the current month, “Manager Best Practices” theme is running through R-Voice, where the employees can listen and learn the best practices adopted by some of the managers across the organisation.

This brands Reliance as “a listening organisation”. The R- Voice initiative falls under the parent program called “Celebrate Careers” which aims at recognizing the best practices, achievements of their employees, rewarding them leading to celebration of life at work.

The trend of engaging employees through the radio medium started few years back at Infosys called as “INFY Radio” which featured the interview of the Co-Founder N R Narayana Murthy when he first retired from the company.

Now even companies like Accenture and Flipkart has a similar kind of employee engagement initiative.

Accenture has an internal radio channel the leaders’ share their conversation with the select employees, helping them to get a answer to their queries and even posing thoughtful questions to them.

Flipkart does it in a bigger way. Studio 34 is the Flipkart new podcast channel which showcases the achievements of the employees, highlight leadership interviews with contemporary music. In fact many celebrity interviews have been also featured such as with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, former India cricketer Rahul Dravid, cricket coach P Vishwanath etc.

This unique initiative attracts, motivates and engages employees leading to talent retention because of the meaningful insights derived from across all levels of organisation. The medium of Radio in employee engagement is infotainment way to engage the employees through music and at the same time to helps them to assimilate the messages and that’s why it has been proved a much more effective communication mode than emails, fliers or posters.


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