Encouraging Wellness at Workplace – 8 Initiatives

Workplace Wellness: It is an initiative/program taken by the employer aiming to improve the health of the employees & their families.

Reason behind promoting wellness at workplace:
• Greater productivity,
• Less absenteeism,
• Reduction of long-term health care costs
• Healthy Environment
• Improve employee morale
• Employee retention

The below mentioned are the 8 key initiatives that can be taken as an employer.

Promote the habit of Exercising
Many large organisations have the provision of onsite gym for their employees with supporting amenities like shower facilities and locker rooms. Lunch hour walking clubs can be initiated and even incentives/goodies can be offered for those employees who participate. Encourage the staffs to use the stairs instead of lift by displaying motivating posters. Even courses on yoga, aerobics can be conducted/made available in the organisation at a subsidized rate. Offer incentives for employees who attend.

Educate the employees
Small Seminars at break time, or recorded programmes on TV’s put on the company premises on health & maintaining healthy habits. Conduct cookery classes educating the staff on cooking healthy meals & their effect on the body. Emails sent across, Poster Display in the premises of the organisation with regards to quick stress management tips, staying healthy while travelling.

Availability of Doctor
Factories Act (Labour Laws) say that a safety officer has to be appointed if the number of employees equates 1000 in a factory; a welfare officer is a mandate for employee strength of 500 in a factory. Similarly having a well qualified doctor on-site will enable employees to their treatment, minor suggestions on health disorders. A recent survey from the Center for Studying Health System Change highlighted availability of On-Site clinics increase productivity, lower the medical cost & increase the employer brand name too.

Initiate Protection Measures
During flu season, implement vaccination programs at the workplace. In fact funding for vaccinations will have a return on investment. On-site vaccines/medicines can also be availed.

Incentive for Employees
Release incentives (monetary/non-monetary) for employees who pass a certain standard of biometric marks i.e maintain a body mass index, blood pressure, or blood sugar reading etc. This will motivate the employees to remain healthy & also save cost for the employer.

Sharpen up hunger options
Provide healthy meal & snack options for employees at the office cafeteria which will fuel their performance and also maintain the nutrition. Considering a step ahead, replacement of soda beverages with juice/milk, snack machine with dry fruits, nuts etc.

Promote Mental Health
Provision of counselor to cope up with stress, depression which is affecting work life too can be solved. Even providing assistance in terms of financial help would be a value added advantage. It can be in loans available at subsidized rates, or system of mentor assignment which can help an employee to share their problems. Train supervisors and managers so they can support employees to achieve work-life balance.

Provide Remedial Resources
These programs pair employees with online, phone-based, or face-to-face health professionals who can guide them through the steps of behavior change. Consider offering tobacco cessation, weight loss, or stress management programs to help empower your employees make lasting, noticeable change.


2 thoughts on “Encouraging Wellness at Workplace – 8 Initiatives

  1. Of the initiatives, the Sharpen Up Hunger Options has taken a hit slightly(at Google Office Bangalore) albeit temporarily, due to renovation of the cafe…but it’s not a total loss as the food is still nutritious and not all that bad. They even have a couple of microkitchens where we can grab snacks or even make a small snack.
    But Google clearly prizes all of these initiatives for the well being (both physical and mental) of its employees.

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