Labour Union Problems at Bajaj Automobile- Production STOPPED


The production for Pulsar, KTM Duke(both models), Avenger have stopped due to the labour union issues. The production facility is based at Pune(Chakan) where the Union has called for a STRIKE.

It has been 4 days that zero production is being continued. 1500 workers excluding contract & temporary staff are employed at this unit which rolls out 3000 bikes a day. 600 employees are working on a contract basis. In fact some of them are engineering diploma holder trainees & few are working under ‘earn and learn scheme’


What is a STRIKE?

  • Refusal to work by a body of workman for employment of a demand against the employer
  • 14 DAYS NOTICE TO BE GIVEN by the union

The DEMANDS from the UNION are as follows:

  • Demanding wage revision – 25 per cent wage hike
  • Better working conditions
  • Give Employee Stock Option: The union also wants the company to issue 500 shares each to all the uninoned workers at a nominal price of Rs 1 per share
  • Making contract workers permanent employees
  • Revocation of the suspension of 2 employees pending enquiry and bring back the three employees who were “arbitrarily” transferred to the Aurangabad unit.

Latest Update:

  • Union is creating trouble by kidnapping and hurting employees ( The union disagreed to this allegation)
  • Negotiation took place between Management & the Union wherein the management did not agree to the all points raised by the union
  • Partially the production resumed from Friday. The company said it has inventory of four to five weeks, including those with dealers.
  • Bajaj Auto has shifted production of the Pulsar range to its oldest and biggest plant in Waluj, Aurangabad.
  • If the same situation continues, the impact will be a daily revenue loss of Rs.21.1 crore.

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