Power and Politics

It is the ability/capacity of a person/team/organisation to influence people & event

INGRATIATION: The process of getting someone to do what you want by putting that person in a good mood or by getting him/her to like you.


  • Knowledge as power
  • Resources as power
  • Decision as power


  • Number of people as power
  • Reward Power: Ability to reward others
  • Coercive Power: Ability to influence others behavior by punishing their undesirable behavior
  • Referent Power: By being respected & admired
  • Legitimate Power: Power by position & authority
  • Information Power: Access to and/control of information
  • Expert Power: The ability to control another person’s behavior through the possession of knowledge, experience or judgment that the other person does not have

Consequences Of Power

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It is the way that people gain & use power in the organisations

Organisational politics –

  • Attempts to influence others using discretionary behaviours to promote personal objectives
  • discretionary behaviours neither explicitly prescribed nor prohibited
  • Politics may be good or bad for the organisation

Types of Organisational Politics

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Conditions for organisational politics:

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Causes of Political Behaviour 

  • Lust for power
  • Competition or command over resources
  • Protection of self-interests
  • Discretionary authority
  • Unequal distributional of authority
  • Saturation in career
  • Need for inter-department coordination

Controlling Political Behavior

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Handling Organisational Politics

  • Clearly defined jobs
  • Proper managerial behaviour
  • Effective communication
  • Fair evaluation system
  • Judicial distribution of resources

STONEWALLING: The practice of willingly hiding information by being secretive & deceitful which occurs when organisations punish individuals who are honest & reward those who are unethical.

BOTTOM LINE THINKING: The belief that an organisations financial success is the only thing that matters.


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