Best HR Practices from Godrej


Godrej consumer products ltd has been voted as the one the best places to work according to ‘Aon Hewitt Best Employers 2015’ survey. The organization has mastered them in talent management. Some of the eminent practices that Godrej follows are mentioned below.

LOUD programme: It is a unique campus engagement program targeted at the students from leading business school.  Live Out Ur Dream (LOUD) program gives an opportunity to the students to realize their personal dreams which would have been inside them and did not get an chance to materialize due to some constraints. This program is run during the summer internship period of the business schools where the students who win will get a sponsorship of Rs. 1.5 lack to turn their dreams into reality through continuous mentorship support from senior executives of Godrej followed by pre-placement offer. This program aims to find the hidden leadership qualities among the potential students.

100 leaders programme: In this innovative initiative, top 100 employees are identified across the organisation having the leadership potential in them. These employees are differentiated, trained and their careers are tracked for their grooming in the leadership roles in future.

Careers 2.0: This is a unique opportunity for women who are willing to come back to restart their corporate life after a break for whatever reasons may it be. This program gives potential women a second career having a minimum of two years of experience in any function of management. They are assigned for live business projects across functions and sectors initially from 3 to 6 months. It can be a part time or even full time. During this project period, guide or the co-owner will support the project trainee as well as the trainee will be under the mentorship of a senior leader.

Bedhadak Bolo: This practice encourages the employee to speak up and express their views and opinion frankly and fearlessly without any hesitation. This practice has enabled many employees to come forward and bring changes which lead to meaningful innovations in product, services and processes making the company shine. When any employee raises its voice for a betterment of the organizational policies and processes, other employee also feel encouraged and come out with relevant innovative solutions. This creates a culture of openness and transparency.

Agile working Culture:  Godrej offers flexible options to work from home with part time working opportunities too. In fact the Godrej is one the exceptional Indian company having a policy of paternity leave of up to 2 weeks. All area sales managers will be entitled for 5 days working for two weeks in a month.

Godrej Fellows Program: Under this HR practice, 12 to 15 people, under 30 years of age is being handpicked by Godrej who possess exceptional innovative proposals that will help the company to progress. The organisation would provide learning opportunity, financial resources and mentorship under senior leaders who can bring positive change to the company.


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