Employee Engagement through Innovative INDUCTION

Induction is a process which is followed in organizations where in the new joinees are introduced to the company, its culture, values, protocols/ regulations & expectations. This is done to welcome new employees to the company and prepare them for their new role. The HR team coordinates the entire induction program.

The first impression is always vital and that is what an induction is all about. Generally the induction is carried out in classroom environment with the help of power point slides & lecture sessions. Now these traditional methods have become monotonous & losing its charm in creating the zeal & enthusiasm for the new joinees. Generally the attention span is 20 minutes to listen to a lecture for an adult, but in reality the induction lecture sessions are carried on much beyond which leads to detachment of the employees from the main objective of orienting the employees.  Although the employees are physically present but mentally disengaged. The employees are expected to be engaged from day 1 which does not happen due to such existing redundant methodologies.

In order to create the magic the engaging these Gen Y, induction policies/procedures/techniques needs to be changed/modified. The current generation breathes technology & emits gadgets. They expect accessing information at their fingertips.

Few new techniques that can be adopted:

  • Register the new joinees to the organization’s internal social portal where they can include their creative profiles.
  • Have a blog setup for new employees before they arrive
  • Include training on blogs, wikis, and sharing tools as part of the induction program
  • Invite new employees to post welcome messages on intranet, wiki, forum or blog
  • Invite the new graduates to the company Facebook group before they join so they can begin engaging with people for e.g. in case of Campus Hiring
  • Deliver induction/on boarding training via Facebook using the Udutu Teach Facebook application
  • The core values of the company can drilled into the employee via Flash Mob in a Fun way
  • Mobile phones/kiosks can be used to deliver quizzes on organization’s mission, vision &  goals
  • Introduce rewards systems when ever some gives/sms’es the right answers.
  • Offloading as much information as possible to the intranet/internet since rather than overload staff with information they won’t remember the next day.
  • Live Chat Shows with the top performers where newcomers can shoot questions about career paths or seek suggestions
  • Conduct outbound sessions to introduce the policies to the new joinees where in they will not feel the boredom of the classroom lectures.
  • Invite motivational speakers/ professional corporate trainers to boost & encourage the new joinees
  • Organize musical programs/ bands to add the zing the entire programme.
  • Make souvenirs/ memento’s and share with the entire batch which will be a moment to cherish throughout the life since this will be mark where the entire batch started their career in the organization.

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