Nonnegotiable things when I am looking for a new role.

There are circumstances at some point in our professional career when we look for new role in the current company. In fact when a company publishes an internal job posting or when a position gets vacant and being filled up though internal reference after which an employee is posted for a new role. In such cases there are various things that are non negotiable.

1) SALARY: When we are offered a new desired role for example incase of a BPO industry, a process executive who works continuously for nights shifts on an average with his weekly off changing every week, who even cannot move from this seat for an unscheduled break gets an offer for a new role like in human resource department where his role would be including a fixed sat-sun weekly off, with a mobility to at least move around and in addition to that he is getting a desired role which can take him to a secured heights in future. In that case he does not stand a chance to negotiate with the offered salary.

2) NEXT APPRAISAL: This is one of the components based on which is non negotiable when we are offered a new role. For example when a process executive working in a BPO gets into a Information Technology team role where he gets a minimum hike with his first break in his career, often companies tend to increase the appraisal cycle where the employee do not have a chance to negotiate. Because at that point of time the employee is being offered a new dream role.

3) WORKING SHIFTS: When we see a role that we have always desired of, turning into a reality after a long wait and compromises, negotiation in terms working shifts for that new role does not find any place. We generally have to agree with the any shifts that the management desires.

4) LOCATION: Irrespective of any odd location when we are offered a new role we tend to accept that silently because the entire team or the process is being set up in that particular location. Since it is a question of our new desired role generally we tend to shift our residence to the work location.

5) WORK ENVIRONMENT: The work environment is an option which is beyond the reach of a particular employee’s choice when he decides to accept the new desired role.

These were the few things which we cannot demand from the employer when we are looking for a new desired role.


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