Women Employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers will get a 3 year’s leave for Childcare

PwC(PricewaterhouseCoopers)India , a multinational auditing firm which ranks second largest professional services firm in the world  has evolved with an innovative HR practice called FULL CIRCLE applicable for women employees which will allow them to take a leave of up-to 3 years for childcare purpose.  This kind of leave will be granted only once during their employment with PwC.

During this leave period the employees are eligible for health and welfare benefits, will have an access to all events launched by the organization along with regular PwC related updates. Not only this, a mentor will be also assigned throughout the leave period whose role would be to assist the employees in transition period while returning back to their work. The employees can be in touch with their colleagues, peers, organization freely during the leave period.

The maternity leave of PwC has been revised to 26 weeks( 182 calendar days) from 12 weeks. About one third of the total workforce of PwC consists of women which can definitely help them in managing a healthy work life balance.


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