EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT through Corporate Social Responsibility

Some research’s done proving CSR encourages employee engagement:

Ipsos, a global research firm has found that Indian Employees consider CSR as one of the greatest regards for them. A total respondent size of 18,150 employees had participated in an online survey where 51% of the employees in India consider CSR activity significant to them that their employer behaves responsibility towards the society.

The Hewitt survey on CSR also emphasizes that it is one of the important factor increasing the level of engagement among employees towards their organisation.
The higher the overall level of engagement, the more the staff will:
•Consistently say positive things about your organization
•Intend to stay with your organization
•Strive to achieve above and beyond what is expected in their daily role

In fact the survey also highlighted that if the CSR activities are scaled back, it will affect negatively on the employee motivation & retention


80% of Gen Y wants to work for a company that is concerned about the society according to the research conducted by Cone Millennial Cause group, detailed in The 2020 Workplace

In an another research regarding “Employee Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility” the results shows that at the highest levels in the organization have the most positive impressions of their companies’ CSR initiatives. Top level managers are likely to have the strongest sense of ownership of CSR initiatives because they are responsible for making the most critical decisions (including CSR decisions) and therefore would be likely to have a positive view of the policies they helped create. Similarly, people at the highest levels in the organization are also the most committed to the organization.


Communication about CSR initiatives is likely to be especially important for those at the lower levels in the organization who report lower levels of perceived CSR and organizational commitment.


  • Boosting up the business as well as the employee morale is possible by CSR activities performed by the organisation. A sense of pride is established among employee & acts a source of inspiration & connectedness.
  • It adds up the employee productivity & lowers the attrition risk. Not only this, it endows a greater ability to attract talent.
  • It has been confirmed that employees become more engaged, remain positive & likely to continue with the organisation when they possess positive opinion of their organization’s socially responsible activities.
  • It is great engagement tool that makes the employee realizes that the organisation cares about the workforce’s general interest as well as socially commited
  • CSR is such a great way to connect with the youth that their company pages in Facebook and LinkedIn enlist the social causes that the organisation is involved with.
  • The CSR activities also lead employees to believe that they are not only working for an organisation that provides a good career, but one that ‘cares’
  • This proves to be an efficient way not only to engage employees on a social level, but also allows them to do or create something that they feel strongly about or are passionate for.
  • CSR crucial to recruiting talented employees, it’s also a great way to maintain the engagement of your existing work force. CSR must become part of company’s recruitment strategy to attract top talent.

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