NO ATTENDANCE TRACKING SYSTEM – A road to Employee Engagement

There are two organizations in India which does not have an attendance system as a part of their Human Resource Policy. Hence their employee’s presence or absence in campus is not monitored by any attendance system.

First organisation is SAP Labs India which has more than 5000 employees in India spread across various campuses. Although the organisation is spread across with a large number of employees yet it does not have a system of recording or monitoring the attendance time in and out. This clearly reflects a message to all employees regarding the faith that the organisation has on the employees and considers them as responsible employees. In fact, this system has helped to build a culture of trust and bonding of the employees with the organisation. The record shows that till date the number of misuse case of this system is zero.

The second organisation is Icertis, a mid size technology oriented company based at Pune also does not track their employees attendance. But at the same time the employees are expected to be present between 10:30 AM and 3- 4 PM which is considered the core working hours. Keeping this central time of working, employees can choose their free time to come and go.

Such practices help employees to maintain a healthy work life balance, provide satisfaction to the employees and engage them towards their job and the organisation.


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