HR PRACTICES in Best Women Friendly Companies in India

Mindtree Consulting

  • Its day care center is known as ‘Baby’s Day Out’ from where mothers can work while taking care of their child
  • Extended maternity leave. For cases of extended maternity, accompanying their spouse on travel, or caring for dependent family members, special leaves can be claimed.
  • Leaves on special occasions

Silver Spark Apparels – Clothing Manufacturers (secondary branch of the Raymond group)

  • The percentage of women employees is around 90 percent
  • It offers a day care facility, teachers, various social and cultural activities for the women employees and their children


  • It has formed a community for all the female employees called ‘Vahini’. Vahini deals with various sort of problems that a female employees may come across during the on/off working hours. It helps in discussions and conducts seminars/workshops on financial issues and also educates the women employees to become good parents.
  • One of the best facilities that Accenture offers to its female employees is visit to gynecologist for the expecting mothers
  • Moreover, it has a 24×7 dedicated helpline service for women.

Ernst and Young Global Shared Services

  • 50% of their workforce is females. It has a day care facility known as ‘Ashray’ where children of the female employees are taken special care
  • In fact expectant mothers can choose the option of working from homes.
  • Security guards as escorts are provided to every female employee who works late-evening.


  • Infosys has come up with Infosys Women Inclusivity Initiative’ (IWIN) which devoted to only women employees
  • IWIN provides 24×7 counseling for the female employees. It has day care facility, deals with parenting matters, etc.
  • IWIN has a discussion board that helps female employees to seek advice and suggestions regarding childcare and other similar matters. Even Online support during child bearing period is one the best services of IWIN.
  • The employees get regular visits by gynecologists, nutrition specialists, physiotherapists and other health related specialists. IWIN has online doctors for all the employees, especially for the female employees. It also offers special yoga classes for the expecting mothers.
  • The female employees are allowed to take a year’s leave for family reasons.
  • It offers its female employees sabbaticals, extended maternity leave, and enhanced training when they come back to the office.


  • In TCS 11% of the senior management comprises women
  • The best part of TCS is that does not break the service record of women who discontinue work due to family commitments and return at a later stage
  • The company also allows provides role flexibility through job rotations across businesses, practices and functions.
  • A framework called DAWN (Diversity and Women’s Network) has been set up to nurture the professional growth of women associates, focused on encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workforce.


  • It has 15% women among Indian employees, has 30% women in its core senior leadership of 15 members.
  • Female Talent Council,has been set up by the company which is an initiative that helps women come together, share experiences, problems and solutions.
  • A mentoring program that pairs 12 high-potential women executives with Executive Committee members at PepsiCo Asia Pacific

Google Inc :

It has taxis on call for employees, a particular draw for women who may need to rush home to care for a sick family member.

Wipro Ltd:

It runs on-site day camps during school holidays in the spring

IBM India Pvt. Ltd

  • In suburban residential complexes the recruitment teams are sent to hire a only-woman as a part of the programme that seeks to bring experienced women back into the workforce
  • The company offers flexible working hours as well as telecommuting options for employees who can work from home and extended maternity leave. It also allocates shifts taking families into consideration.
  • Adoption leave, which enables employees to avail of three months’ paid leave when they adopt a child.
  • They even have a Women Leadership Council.

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