Innovative Compensation Practice – Procter & Gamble


Organisations are moving towards designing innovative total rewards policy for attracting and retaining of their workforce. Policies are getting customized, altered keeping the employee acceptance and preference in mind. The FMCG major Procter & Gamble (P&G) India has also taken a step towards engaging their employees through introducing innovative compensation practices.

The following are the changes made this year to attain the compensation objectives of the organization.

  • The Top Performers of the organization were entitled for the Annual CEO-Nominated stock award program. Now it has been replaced by guaranteed cash rewards. The individual performances will be the criteria to achieve this reward and also irrespective of the current the stock price level.
  • Moreover the annual bonus will be based on the business goal achieved by an individual team or department and not dependent on the global business team’s performance.
  • The best performers of P&G will be entitled to receive their performance incentive anytime between 6 and 11 months. Earlier the practice of paying out the performance incentives were only on an annual basis.
  • Not only this, P&G will also consider mid-career increments too to attract the best talent from the market

Work Life Balance Initiatives at Hindustan Unilever – A road to Engagement


There are several policies of HUL which helps employees to maintain the professional and their personal life go hand in hand which engages them to the organisation

Career Break Policy: Any manager of HUL is allowed to avail this policy which will help them to manage their work life balance. This kind of break can be taken for a period up-to 5 years in total for any reason for the employee’s concern such as for higher study, adoption, sabbatical, maternity, paternity or pursuing any personal dreams.

Work place Facilities: The head office at Mumbai is furnished with day care facilities, bank, shopping center, café, gymnasium, florist etc. Even provision for drop facility with escort/ guards for lady employees working late in the evening exist.

MAPS (Maternity and Paternity Support):  Maternity leave of 6 Months and Paternity leave of 2 weeks are allowed at HUL. The same roles are responsibilities are given back once the employees are back from their maternity leaves. The an integrated online portal called MAPS (Maternity and Paternity Support) enables the line manage and the employees during this transition period via various tools, resources and guidance.

Agile Working: The technology enabled environment at HUL helps employees to avail policies like Work from home, flexi-hours and part time / reduced hours (including a job share policy).

Lamplighter Employee Programme:  This program helps employees to tackle health risks and renders support to eliminate such risks. It also aspires to advance the nutrition level, fitness and mental condition of employees. The employee are assigned colour codes (green, amber and red) based on their health quotient as a part of the programme. The Medical and Occupational Health Team motivates employees through various health promotion and protection programmes to bring about lifestyle changes thereby reducing health risks and helping employees transit from Red to Amber and from Amber to Green.

Career by Choice programme:  It is unique program which gives a direction for women to come back to work after a long break. It helps to women employees to gradually transit to the work life. It starts with a structured induction program designed to familiarize with the company followed by an assigned project guide who co-owns the project. The guide would be working closely with new employee to provide direction and support throughout the project across various functions like Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Research and Development. This program is eligible for any women with minimum of two years experience in areas of Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain or Research and Development who are looking for an opportunity to work flexibly. A similar kind of program is run by TATA group called the Tata Second Career Internship Programme (SCIP), calling upon women to take on a second career.

Talent Management – The KPMG way


KPMG, a professional service company, being one of the reputed auditors in India is facing tough competition in talent management from its competitors Ernst & Young, PwC and Deloitte. In order to survive in the market with the best talents, the organisation is revamping its talent management policies concentrating in engaging its employees.

KPMG has come out with the following talent management practices to beat the talent war.

“Higher Purpose”– The employees of KPMG are motivated to share their experience and stories dealing with business and community. In order to encourage more participation, contest has been launched where everybody will be entitled for a paid holiday if at least 5000 stories are submitted. Every staff will get a copy of a book where top 100 stories will be published.

This practice has more to it. Town halls have been conducted where business leaders have shared their inspirational journey with the staffs. A video has been circulated among the employees seeking to share their work which is making a difference in the organisation. These best practices of employees have been framed on a poster given by the HR team. An overwhelming response from 40000 employees has been received.

“Connect” – For promoting mentoring and hand holding culture in the organisation, small groups of employees have been formed to get connected with other employees across the organisation.

No Ratings in Appraisal – The system of giving ratings to the employees in the performance appraisal process has been abandoned for a change. It has been replaced by immediate feedback system from the reporting managers. The top performers will get exceptional hikes as bonus to retain the best talents.

People Management Leaders Policy (PML) – It is a work life balance policy focusing on the welfare of the employees. For example, promotion of recreational club activities such as subsidized sporting activities including yoga, golf and tennis. This will result into lesser absenteeism, and effective utilization of leaves. A “Respect for Leave” campaign instills in KPMG employees the understanding to value and utilize their leave.

Job Rotation: The new recruit from campus will undergo a job rotation where they will be put into various business lines assessing their area of interest and performance.

“Leaders Engaging Leaders” – Top 60 managers will be identified who will be mentored by the top management leaders such as the board of directors, and national managing partners. The managers will shadow the top leaders understanding various lessons for managing better business.

Social Service: The employees will be encouraged to participate in various social causes such as mentoring students, helping build homes, supporting disaster relief efforts, sports-related coaching for children, educational and cultural activities as well as tree planting drives. This participation of employees will give a different meaning to their work life.

Internal Surveys: Two surveys will be conducted annually for the employees to identify the engagement levels. The first survey will aim at finding out the engagement level of the employees and the second one in analyzing the satisfaction levels in the benefits which are being availed to the employees.

Mums at Work Program – under this program young mother will undergo regular health checkups, stress management workshops and talks on parenting will be offered.

Best HR Practices from Godrej


Godrej consumer products ltd has been voted as the one the best places to work according to ‘Aon Hewitt Best Employers 2015’ survey. The organization has mastered them in talent management. Some of the eminent practices that Godrej follows are mentioned below.

LOUD programme: It is a unique campus engagement program targeted at the students from leading business school.  Live Out Ur Dream (LOUD) program gives an opportunity to the students to realize their personal dreams which would have been inside them and did not get an chance to materialize due to some constraints. This program is run during the summer internship period of the business schools where the students who win will get a sponsorship of Rs. 1.5 lack to turn their dreams into reality through continuous mentorship support from senior executives of Godrej followed by pre-placement offer. This program aims to find the hidden leadership qualities among the potential students.

100 leaders programme: In this innovative initiative, top 100 employees are identified across the organisation having the leadership potential in them. These employees are differentiated, trained and their careers are tracked for their grooming in the leadership roles in future.

Careers 2.0: This is a unique opportunity for women who are willing to come back to restart their corporate life after a break for whatever reasons may it be. This program gives potential women a second career having a minimum of two years of experience in any function of management. They are assigned for live business projects across functions and sectors initially from 3 to 6 months. It can be a part time or even full time. During this project period, guide or the co-owner will support the project trainee as well as the trainee will be under the mentorship of a senior leader.

Bedhadak Bolo: This practice encourages the employee to speak up and express their views and opinion frankly and fearlessly without any hesitation. This practice has enabled many employees to come forward and bring changes which lead to meaningful innovations in product, services and processes making the company shine. When any employee raises its voice for a betterment of the organizational policies and processes, other employee also feel encouraged and come out with relevant innovative solutions. This creates a culture of openness and transparency.

Agile working Culture:  Godrej offers flexible options to work from home with part time working opportunities too. In fact the Godrej is one the exceptional Indian company having a policy of paternity leave of up to 2 weeks. All area sales managers will be entitled for 5 days working for two weeks in a month.

Godrej Fellows Program: Under this HR practice, 12 to 15 people, under 30 years of age is being handpicked by Godrej who possess exceptional innovative proposals that will help the company to progress. The organisation would provide learning opportunity, financial resources and mentorship under senior leaders who can bring positive change to the company.

Retention Initiative for the Blue-Collar Big Basket Staffs


More than 1500 blue-collar employees work with the, an online grocery start up organisation. Majority of these employees are designated as warehouse employees or delivery boys who comes from outside the city, generally from northern and eastern part of India or people from near-by villages. These employees have a limited expectation from their job such a safe and hygienic workplace, clean drinking water and timely salary. The average salary for these employees is Rs.11000 which makes it difficult for them to survive and save money for their family. Hence they switch over to rivals even for a hike of Rs.500 to Rs.1000. Hence the attrition among this level of employees is the highest.

In order to manage the retention of these blue collar employees, Big Basket has come up with a free housing and accommodation facility. In that case, these employees would be saving a big amount from their salary which they can send to their family. These housing facilities would be near to their workplace which reduces their daily transpiration cost too leading to further avenue for savings. The accommodations have been made in dormitory style and some shared apartments with facility of washrooms and clean drinking water.  Not only this, Big Basket also conducts frequent education sessions for these employees. In fact the organisation has a strong focus on sexual harassment since many women employees are working in the warehouse division.

These facilities of free housing, clean drinking water, frequent education sessions helps Big Basket to retain their talents and also improve the productivity thereby controlling the competition among the rivals like Grofers and PepperTap who looks out for the same category of talents in the market.

Employee Engagement in the Eve of Christmas


The startup organizations have once again done the magic in engaging the employees on the Christmas Eve. They have become a real Santa Clause for their employees showering bonuses and gifts in an innovative manner. The charisma of Non-Monetary Rewards is being clearly reflected from the engagement initiatives offered to their employees.  The basket of rewards has been filled with foreign trips, paid vacations with family, additional leaves to outbound activities and camp fires etc.

Some of the prominent startup organizations taking a lead in these initiatives are CodeNation, Wingify, Shop-Clues, MyDala, Wego, Roadrunnr, JoyByNature, Onetimejobs and BiteClub.

ShopClues, an online shopping portal has gifted leaves for more than 20 days to their employees along with an announcement of alternative week-offs on Saturdays starting from 2016.

Wego, one the top travel portal use to throw Christmas parties and play secret Santa at office, but this year a top 15 employees have been offered for a foreign trip to Phuket(Thailand) for 3nights- 4days.

Onetimejobs, a Bangalore based startup has sponsored a family vacation to Ooty for their employees.

Code-Nation, technology based startup has come up with a 3 day out bound activity in Dandeli, which is known for river rafting.

Wingify, a Delhi based travel oriented search engine took their employees along with their family for a vacation.

BiteClub, an platform to order lunch and dinner in corporate and residential areas of Gurgaon has come up with an innovative idea of Food Walk. The employees will be taken to all the renowned places for food joints at old Delhi such as Parathe Wale Galli, Annapurna Bhandar, Sitaram Bazaar etc.

These are simple signs of acknowledgement of the organizations towards the effort that the employees have put in making the ventures a successful one. Such gestures of engaging the employees lead to a greater team bonding, increasing the balance between their work and personal life and thereby boosting the morale of the employees and talent retention.


Engaging the (PWD’s) People with Disabilities Employees – Challenge for Indian Organisations

In India 8551 are disabled employees (PWD), out of which 35.85% are women. The surprising fact is that only 10 companies are sensitive to this issue who are hiring these PWD’s out of which 8 companies belong to public sector. The general perception about the PWD’s is that they are unqualified and not productive, which restricts the Indian organizations to recruit more number of PWD’s. Majority of the companies do not have written policies on PWD employment.

The highest numbers of PWD employees are recruited by State Bank of India with 2692 employees. Among the private sector in India, TCS and Wipro are the biggest recruiters of such talents. Wipro has more than 500 PWD employees in many main stream roles such as consulting, testing, marketing, leadership and HR.

Some of the other prominent employers in private sector in India who hire PWD employees

  • Vindhya E Infomedia Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru:95 % of the employees are from PWD category managing the data management, data entry, data processing, conversion jobs.
  • Titan Industries:It has 4% PWD work force. Titan arranges for special competency mapping, training sessions to the supervisors as well as peer level staff to sensitize them about working with talent with disabilities.
  • Lemon Tree Hotels:400 PWD employees, comprising of 13% of its total manpower. The PWD employees consist of speech and hearing impairment, orthopedically handicapped and even with down symptoms.  In fact one visually impaired employee is working in the corporate office as a part of the President and Executive Director’s team. Employees are spread across the supervisory roles, management roles, semi-skilled in F&B Services and unskilled in Kitchen Services.
  • Shakti Masala:200 physically and mentally challenged employees working at different levels
  • Devyani International(Largest Franchisee of Pizza Hut & KFC)– 200 PWD’s with hearing impairment recruited in all departments starting from dough making, pizza making, delivery, cash handling and record keeping.
  • ITC: 90 PWD’s with orthopedic impairment, hearing impairment, visual impairment and cerebral palsy for secretarial role, desk jobs, sales and reservations.

These organizations feel that such talents are more engaged to their jobs, exhibit more sense of loyalty with low absenteeism and are good at their performance level.

The efforts which organisations need to take to engage the employees with disabilities are :

  • Involvement of Top Management
  • Sound and supportive HR Policies
  • Efforts to create an inclusive environment to support PWD staff among other employees
  • Collaboration with NGO’s to update their skills regularly
  • Modifications in the infrastructure to support the PWD employees