“Workation” – A Unique way of Employee Engagement by MindTickle


MindTickle, an online training company came up with a unique concept of engaging the employees called as Workation. A workation is a practice where the employees are taken for a vacation while doing the regular work activities side by side. Although the employees might be in an exotic location yet need to attend meetings etc.

Recently MindTickle took the entire team for a Workation(Work + Vacation) to a hill station called McLeodganj(suburb of Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh) for 10 days with their families, kids. The temporary exotic office was covered with snow clad mountains, open restaurants, temple with an option to sit and work at place of choice by the employees. The typical itineraries were trekking from 6AM to 8AM followed by work from 9AM to 3PM and then full fledge fun with the family and colleagues

Most importantly, the official objectives of each team were pre-decided before they left and then the teams were left free to do their job. It was seen that the productivity increased by 3 times, the mental health status improved, the faces were glowing with smiles and laughter at work with a stress free work environment.


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