Employment Exchanges get transformed to National Career Counseling Centers (NCCC)

Currently there are 978 employment exchanges in India, out of which 100 would be transformed into National Career Counseling Centers (NCCC). The role of these counseling centers would be

  • Identify the skill wise demand in across various in India and abroad and supply of Jobseekers
  • Help in finding out the right opportunities for the job seekers depending on their skills and area of interest
  • Counsel the job seekers about various roles available and their prospects in respective industries by making them to undergo psychometric and skill assessment tests

This is a unique initiative from the Govt of India as a part of “Make in India and Skill India” drive catering to four crore job seekers. A national portal will also be set up which will be a rich warehouse of career counseling content in multiple languages. Moreover,  job seekers get various information about job fairs and campus placements taking place in various parts of the country from this portal.

Through this job skill mapping and identifying the right job fit for the job seekers, these National Career Counseling Centers (NCCC) will engage the prospective candidates and make them available to the right organizations.


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