Phaneesh Murthy(Twice axed on sexual harassment charge) is Back to Business

Phaneesh Murthy – the man who was axed twice on sexual harassment charges in reputed organisation is back to business and that too as an independent director for a multi-millionaire group called CSS CORP.

The CEO of CCS Corp mentioned that Phaneesh has added tremendous and significant value to the organisation as an industry specialist and hence as an organisation they value him too.

About CSS CORP: A   US-based technology and support company with more than 140 clients headed by the CEO , Mr. TG Ramesh. The organisation has revenues of about $200 million, with nearly $35 million in operating profits. It has an office in Chennai, India too.

The presence of a leader makes a lot of impact on the employees of the organisation.

For example, when we heard that Mr.Narayan Murthy is back to Infosys, employees were delighted to hear that. Infact Mr.Mohandas Pie commented that Infosys will again start in an aggressive mode which they were not from 3 years.

Now when employees of CCS corp would hear that the leader who was accused twice of sexual harassment has become one of the independent directors, their response/reaction would be of quite dis-engaged in nature.

Infact it has to be noted that CSS corp was the winner of  Learning and Talent Initiative Excellence Award 2013.This award endorses organisations with  impactful human capital strategies and emphasizing the importance of placing human capital as a key business outcome.

Question arises that an how can an organisation with such impactful human capital strategies has taken a decision to include such infamous leader known for his mischievous acts.

May be thats The Corporate World…


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