Feelings, thoughts & behavioral tendencies towards a specific object /situation

VALUES: ideals/ beliefs (NOT towards a particular object/situation



AFFECTIVE: EMOTION/FEELING associated with the attitude.( Likes/dislikes)
Eg: I don’t like my boss.

COGNITIVE: BELIEF associated with the attitude based on experience, misunderstanding or rumors.
Eg: My boss is unfair
BEHAVIORAL: The way that an individual INTENDS TO BEHAVE towards an object or a situation.
Eg: I am going to request for a transfer or resign.
Formation of Attitude
Direct personal experience – The quality of a persons direct experience with the attitude object determines his attitude towards it.

Association – A new attitude object may be associated with an old attitude object and the attitude towards the later may be transferred towards the former

Social learning – Attitudes are also learnt from others
Ex. From parents, teachers, supervisors, etc
An individual may learn by having contact with others or even watching models over the TV

Factors influencing the formation of attitudes

  • Psychological factors
  • Familial factors
  • Organisational factors
  • Economic factors
  • Political factors

Job Satisfaction: How one feels about his job

Job Involvement: degree to which the employee is psychologically connected to his job

Org Involvement: degree to which the employee is psychologically connected to his org

  • Questionnaire
  • Bipolar Scale
  • Likert Scale : 5 boxes ( from strongly agree to strongly disagree)
  • Thurstone Scale : 11 Statements – Ranking(most favourable to unfavorable) – Avg is taken.
  • Guttmans Scale : Cumulative Scale
  • Bogardus Social Distance Scale : 7 point scale ( large number of statements)

How to change Attitude of Employees?

  • Give accurate information, feedback
  • Resolve discrepancies
  • Positive working conditions
  • Use of fear
  • COPTING APPROACH: Involve people who are dissatisfied in improving things

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