Employee Wellness Scheme for Border Security Force (BSF)


It was observed that Border police force of India who are suppose to ensure the security of the borders of India are increasingly becoming unfit and suffering from obesity which became a cause of concern. 7 to 8 BSF commandos are losing their life due to cardiac failure. It was seen that there is a lack of awareness among the personnel to a large extent. This has been causing an adverse effect on the morale of the police force.

Hence an employee wellness scheme has been launched for the BSF personnel. Those who will maintain the required ideal weight will be transferred to the work location as per their choice. Secondly they will also receive a cash reward to maintain the ideal weight. Not only this, a recommendation will be also included in their Annual Confidential Report which will help them to get promoted to the next rank. The scheme is applicable for those employees who are overweight by 20 percent of their ideal weight.

Several measures have been taken to help the BSF personnel to implement the wellness scheme such as availability of high fiber based meals in the canteen, removal of non vegetarian food from dinner to lunch, taking away of oily and fried items from the canteen menu.

This initiative has boosted up the moral of the BSF commandos to a large extent. It has been seen that many personnel have started running, exercising, maintaining a proper diet due to in last 10 months, more than 250 employees have been able to qualify and succeed in achieving the desired weight . This is surely a new motivation linked incentive based employee wellness scheme.


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