Recruitment and Selection


Recruitment is a process of collecting a pool of prospective candidates/employees through various mediums or channels like headhunting, advertisement etc.

Sources of Recruitment

Internal Sources

  • Internal Job Posting
  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Redeployment

External Sources

  • Advertisement
  • Campus recruitment
  • Consultants
  • Job Portals
  • Networking Sites
  • Employee Referrals
  • Employment Exchanges

Recruitment Techniques

  • Make the presence in social media
  • Develop a employer brand
  • Give Complete job details in the company portal
  • Highlight the best practices of the organisation
  • Offer Flexible work options
  • Showcase the positive reviews from the current employees about the company
  • Send personalized messages to the candidate while inviting them for the recruitment

Assessment of Recruitment Programme

  • Number of relevant profiles appeared for the interview
  • Cost/ Amount Spent VS. number of employee hired
  • Employee Retention VS. Sources of recruitment
  • Employee Performance VS. Sources of recruitment
  • Time taken for Recruitment VS Sources of recruitment
  • Outsource VS In-house Recruitment
  • Number of employees required VS. Sources of recruitment

International recruiting: It is a process by which organisations locate and attract individuals to fill job vacancies for the subsidiary/ subsidiaries in various countries. It is concerned with the recruitment of both the expatriates (wherever applicable) and also the host country nationals or local people in the country where the subsidiary is located.

Sources of International recruitment:

  • Company can send employees from its home country, which are referred to as expatriates
  • It can recruit host country nationals (natives of the host country)
  • It can hire third country nationals who are natives of a country other than the home country or the host country.

Selection: It is a process of picking up prospective employees from the pool of candidates collected in the process of recruitment.

Here we choose the best candidates who are suitable for a required position and carry relevant qualification & skill.

Steps in Selection  Process

  • Screening interview
  • Application Blank
  • Selection Tests
  • Selection Interviews
  • Medical Examination
  • Reference Checks
  • Hiring decision

Recruitment and selection practices in India

HR Outsourcing: Due to globalization, the recruitment function from many MNC’s has been outsourced to India due to which the US recruitment jobs have emerged through the operations of BPO’s.

Increase in Recruitment from India: Technological advancement has enabled the global organisations to recruitment manpower from India at a low cost and effort. Interviews are conducted via Skype and Video Conferences at finger tips.

Body Shopping: Many professional organisations and training institutes prepare and develop employee who are required at large numbers by organisations. These employees are taken on lease or on contract generally.

Micro recruitment divisions: Recruitment function has been further made specialized into micro divisions based on their functions such sourcing, scheduling, managing candidate relationship, offer generation etc. Wipro has a complete set of recruitment professionals divided into various sub divisions under Strategic Resourcing team.

Campus Branding: Organisations are building brands in the campus from where they get a large pool of candidates after the campus recruitment by having a tie up with the campuses in various ways, such as by providing research grants, sponsoring college fests, upgrading the labs, updating on the various technologies by providing guest lecture etc.

Employee Alumni: Organisations are building relationship with the employees with good performance record even after they quit from the organisation by updating them with various initiative that the organisation is currently taking along with the current vacancies in a hope to expect them back to the organisation.

Recruitment through social media: Every company is building their page on Facebook and posting lucrative updates to get maximum likes thus creating an employer brand which helps the organisation to get maximum pool of applicants during the recruitment phase. More over it also helps in knowing the attitude of employees while selection process.

Increase in Women Employees: The workplace demographics are changing since women are being given equal opportunity for education in India due to which the number the women applicants are increasing.

Psychometric Testing: Various psychometric testing such as Thomas profiling, DISC assessment are growing day by day in the selection process which helps to check the right candidate with good attitude and matching cultural fit.

Reference Check: Organisations are spending more on employment verification even for lower level employees for safety and security of the organisational process and other employees too.

Strategic Management and Recruitment

Adoption of a strategic recruitment approach is an HR policy that supports accomplishment of the business strategy. The recruitment philosophy is based on the organisation values. For example if the organization’s core value is integrity, in that case recruitment of such employees should be done who has the highest value of honesty while performing their duties and responsibilities in the past. On the other hand if the organization’s value is high growth, in such case employees with high ambition, quick growth, compromising at work life balance is preferred. Hence recruitment process and philosophy needs to be aligned with the organisation strategy. The use of strategy in recruitment is intended to attain the objective “Matching People with Jobs.”


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