Top IT companies starts using algorithmic tools and programs to detect the attrition rate

Reputed IT companies HCL, INFOSYS, TCS have started using algorithmic tools and programs that can predict the attrition rate for the future. In fact it can also detect if a candidate who is being interviewed will be a sustainable one or not. These predictions are made possible by collecting a series of data from the employees or candidates during the interview or in the course of employment.

Organizations have been gathering a lot of data with regards to the socio economic background from the candidates that are being used by the HR department by application of analytics in talent resourcing stages. Wipro is one of such employer to use such a tool.

HCL uses certain factors such as leave applications and searches for job profiles to track the prospective employees to quit. A 75% positive correlation between a prediction using analytics have been proved successful as of now.

From this trend it clearly reflects that the HR function is moving towards data-driven decision-making rather than gut-based decision-making.


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