Employee Engagement in the Eve of Christmas


The startup organizations have once again done the magic in engaging the employees on the Christmas Eve. They have become a real Santa Clause for their employees showering bonuses and gifts in an innovative manner. The charisma of Non-Monetary Rewards is being clearly reflected from the engagement initiatives offered to their employees.  The basket of rewards has been filled with foreign trips, paid vacations with family, additional leaves to outbound activities and camp fires etc.

Some of the prominent startup organizations taking a lead in these initiatives are CodeNation, Wingify, Shop-Clues, MyDala, Wego, Roadrunnr, JoyByNature, Onetimejobs and BiteClub.

ShopClues, an online shopping portal has gifted leaves for more than 20 days to their employees along with an announcement of alternative week-offs on Saturdays starting from 2016.

Wego, one the top travel portal use to throw Christmas parties and play secret Santa at office, but this year a top 15 employees have been offered for a foreign trip to Phuket(Thailand) for 3nights- 4days.

Onetimejobs, a Bangalore based startup has sponsored a family vacation to Ooty for their employees.

Code-Nation, technology based startup has come up with a 3 day out bound activity in Dandeli, which is known for river rafting.

Wingify, a Delhi based travel oriented search engine took their employees along with their family for a vacation.

BiteClub, an platform to order lunch and dinner in corporate and residential areas of Gurgaon has come up with an innovative idea of Food Walk. The employees will be taken to all the renowned places for food joints at old Delhi such as Parathe Wale Galli, Annapurna Bhandar, Sitaram Bazaar etc.

These are simple signs of acknowledgement of the organizations towards the effort that the employees have put in making the ventures a successful one. Such gestures of engaging the employees lead to a greater team bonding, increasing the balance between their work and personal life and thereby boosting the morale of the employees and talent retention.



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