It has been identified that 2 million illegal workers are existing in the country due to the lack of valid work license or residence permit. Majority of these workers are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Indonesia & Philippines. The ministry of Saudi Arabia gave a notice period/ time frame to all those employees to get the valid requisites of employment as per the law of the land. Inspite of the order there are millions of such workers who are still working on a illegal basis. Hence very soon there will be a raid country wide to identify those workers and take necessary actions.

The government of Saudi Arabia has ordered that 1/10 of the staff working in any organisation should be from Saudi Arabia. This has been decided considering the employment rate of the country which is 10.9%

But the ironical part of the situation is that current youth of the Saudi Arabia does not intend to work at the prevailing wages rates in which the citizens from other country work come and work in Saudi Arabia.

So ultimately at one side the Ministry of Saudi Arabia is swiping away the 2 million illegal work force & on the other side the current population of the country is not ready to work. In such case there might be a huge shortage of manpower in the near future.

Note: Unemployment rate- This entry contains the percent of the labor force that is without jobs. Substantial underemployment might be noted.



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