Employee Engagement Initiative to build the team spirit and morale by InMobi

InMobi, a leading company in the mobile advertisement industry has started an employee engagement initiative called ‘Live. Laugh. Leap.’  Under this program 4 clubs have been formed which will encourage the employees to form their own teams based on their common passion and interest across the organisation and plan the get together activity or outing program  at their own cost.

The four clubs formed are Runners’ Club, Cycling Club, The Nomads Travel Club and the Bar Raisers’ Club

  • Runners’ Club- This club is for the employees who love jogging
  • Cycling Club -This club is for those who like the feel of enjoying cycle rides.
  • Nomads Travel Club is for those would like to explore remote and far way destinations from the official environment.
  • Bar Raisers’ Club aims to invite the employee who takes pleasures in visiting places with good food and drink

Such initiatives do not force the employees to join on mandatory manner in official parties and get together gatherings. Here they have the freedom to form their own team and liked minded employees who can share their passions and have lively conversations among them, thereby boosting the team morale and creating best friends at work place.


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