IN-HOUSE INCUBATION CENTER- An Unique Employee Engagement Tool by, an e-commerce company which provides professional certification opportunities has an attrition rate of 18%. It had witnessed that 15% of the employees use to quit Simplilearn to start their own venture but rarely could they be successful in their ventures. Hence the organisation came up with an idea of setting up an incubation center, where the employees with an entrepreneurial spirit will get an opportunity on work on their idea and at the same time get mentored within the organisation. Every year during February and August, four ideas will be screened, selected and converted into product or service within 90 days. Simplilearn will invest up to Rs.30 lacs into each team to execute and transform the idea into reality.

Organisation such as Google has a best practice allowing their employees to work 20% of their time on the project of their choice. In fact Gmail and Google News is an outcome of such best practice.


Video Game – A new mode of improving interpersonal skills of leaders




For any leader, the biggest challenge is to motivate the team and get the job done at the best performance level. This is possible only by the level of interpersonal skills that the leaders possess within themselves. Global talent management consultancy, Development Dimensions International (DDI) has identified this key way of managing people and has come out with an animated leadership Video Game called “Zapp! Zone: Jane’s Dilemma”. The objective of this game is to engage the leaders in learning the required interpersonal skills and drive a behavioral change in a funny and interactive manner.

This game helps the leaders to practice and improve their use of vital interpersonal skills which are called Key Principals but in an animated video format. The vital skills found by DDI research team are esteem, empathy, involvement, sharing and support which are the central behavior that makes any leader successful in driving a high performance team.

Here the leader who is the prime leaner assumes the role of an animated character called Jane who has his team comprising of different personality types based on which various use of internal personal skills needs to be implemented. Jane interacts with the team members using the key principles based on various responses given by them. The leaders are continuously monitored along all the five levels by a progress meter. Overall the leaders are made an expert using situational conditions with appropriate usage of interpersonal skills.