Best HR Practices from Godrej


Godrej consumer products ltd has been voted as the one the best places to work according to ‘Aon Hewitt Best Employers 2015’ survey. The organization has mastered them in talent management. Some of the eminent practices that Godrej follows are mentioned below.

LOUD programme: It is a unique campus engagement program targeted at the students from leading business school.  Live Out Ur Dream (LOUD) program gives an opportunity to the students to realize their personal dreams which would have been inside them and did not get an chance to materialize due to some constraints. This program is run during the summer internship period of the business schools where the students who win will get a sponsorship of Rs. 1.5 lack to turn their dreams into reality through continuous mentorship support from senior executives of Godrej followed by pre-placement offer. This program aims to find the hidden leadership qualities among the potential students.

100 leaders programme: In this innovative initiative, top 100 employees are identified across the organisation having the leadership potential in them. These employees are differentiated, trained and their careers are tracked for their grooming in the leadership roles in future.

Careers 2.0: This is a unique opportunity for women who are willing to come back to restart their corporate life after a break for whatever reasons may it be. This program gives potential women a second career having a minimum of two years of experience in any function of management. They are assigned for live business projects across functions and sectors initially from 3 to 6 months. It can be a part time or even full time. During this project period, guide or the co-owner will support the project trainee as well as the trainee will be under the mentorship of a senior leader.

Bedhadak Bolo: This practice encourages the employee to speak up and express their views and opinion frankly and fearlessly without any hesitation. This practice has enabled many employees to come forward and bring changes which lead to meaningful innovations in product, services and processes making the company shine. When any employee raises its voice for a betterment of the organizational policies and processes, other employee also feel encouraged and come out with relevant innovative solutions. This creates a culture of openness and transparency.

Agile working Culture:  Godrej offers flexible options to work from home with part time working opportunities too. In fact the Godrej is one the exceptional Indian company having a policy of paternity leave of up to 2 weeks. All area sales managers will be entitled for 5 days working for two weeks in a month.

Godrej Fellows Program: Under this HR practice, 12 to 15 people, under 30 years of age is being handpicked by Godrej who possess exceptional innovative proposals that will help the company to progress. The organisation would provide learning opportunity, financial resources and mentorship under senior leaders who can bring positive change to the company.


Employee Wellness Scheme for Border Security Force (BSF)


It was observed that Border police force of India who are suppose to ensure the security of the borders of India are increasingly becoming unfit and suffering from obesity which became a cause of concern. 7 to 8 BSF commandos are losing their life due to cardiac failure. It was seen that there is a lack of awareness among the personnel to a large extent. This has been causing an adverse effect on the morale of the police force.

Hence an employee wellness scheme has been launched for the BSF personnel. Those who will maintain the required ideal weight will be transferred to the work location as per their choice. Secondly they will also receive a cash reward to maintain the ideal weight. Not only this, a recommendation will be also included in their Annual Confidential Report which will help them to get promoted to the next rank. The scheme is applicable for those employees who are overweight by 20 percent of their ideal weight.

Several measures have been taken to help the BSF personnel to implement the wellness scheme such as availability of high fiber based meals in the canteen, removal of non vegetarian food from dinner to lunch, taking away of oily and fried items from the canteen menu.

This initiative has boosted up the moral of the BSF commandos to a large extent. It has been seen that many personnel have started running, exercising, maintaining a proper diet due to in last 10 months, more than 250 employees have been able to qualify and succeed in achieving the desired weight . This is surely a new motivation linked incentive based employee wellness scheme.

Employee Engagement Initiative to build the team spirit and morale by InMobi

InMobi, a leading company in the mobile advertisement industry has started an employee engagement initiative called ‘Live. Laugh. Leap.’  Under this program 4 clubs have been formed which will encourage the employees to form their own teams based on their common passion and interest across the organisation and plan the get together activity or outing program  at their own cost.

The four clubs formed are Runners’ Club, Cycling Club, The Nomads Travel Club and the Bar Raisers’ Club

  • Runners’ Club- This club is for the employees who love jogging
  • Cycling Club -This club is for those who like the feel of enjoying cycle rides.
  • Nomads Travel Club is for those would like to explore remote and far way destinations from the official environment.
  • Bar Raisers’ Club aims to invite the employee who takes pleasures in visiting places with good food and drink

Such initiatives do not force the employees to join on mandatory manner in official parties and get together gatherings. Here they have the freedom to form their own team and liked minded employees who can share their passions and have lively conversations among them, thereby boosting the team morale and creating best friends at work place.

Employee Engagement Post Maternity via Flexi Timing and Location at Genpact

Genpact, one of the largest BPO in India has 400 to 500 women employees who take maternity leave annually and post maternity majority of them found it difficult to return back to the work since they had to face the challenge in maintaining a balance between the family and professional responsibility.

Hence Genpact has come out with ‘Returning Moms Programme’, an initiative to engage the female employees post maternity phase where they can select the shift timings according to their choice and convenience.  Not only this, the new mothers can also start working from the nearest branch of the organisation from their residence. This initiative will definitely encourage and engage more women employees to return back for their second innings.

Under this program, Genpact already has facilities such as day care for employee’s children and stock parking i.e reserved space in a parking lot for cars driven by pregnant women or new mothers.

HR PRACTICES in Best Women Friendly Companies in India

Mindtree Consulting

  • Its day care center is known as ‘Baby’s Day Out’ from where mothers can work while taking care of their child
  • Extended maternity leave. For cases of extended maternity, accompanying their spouse on travel, or caring for dependent family members, special leaves can be claimed.
  • Leaves on special occasions

Silver Spark Apparels – Clothing Manufacturers (secondary branch of the Raymond group)

  • The percentage of women employees is around 90 percent
  • It offers a day care facility, teachers, various social and cultural activities for the women employees and their children


  • It has formed a community for all the female employees called ‘Vahini’. Vahini deals with various sort of problems that a female employees may come across during the on/off working hours. It helps in discussions and conducts seminars/workshops on financial issues and also educates the women employees to become good parents.
  • One of the best facilities that Accenture offers to its female employees is visit to gynecologist for the expecting mothers
  • Moreover, it has a 24×7 dedicated helpline service for women.

Ernst and Young Global Shared Services

  • 50% of their workforce is females. It has a day care facility known as ‘Ashray’ where children of the female employees are taken special care
  • In fact expectant mothers can choose the option of working from homes.
  • Security guards as escorts are provided to every female employee who works late-evening.


  • Infosys has come up with Infosys Women Inclusivity Initiative’ (IWIN) which devoted to only women employees
  • IWIN provides 24×7 counseling for the female employees. It has day care facility, deals with parenting matters, etc.
  • IWIN has a discussion board that helps female employees to seek advice and suggestions regarding childcare and other similar matters. Even Online support during child bearing period is one the best services of IWIN.
  • The employees get regular visits by gynecologists, nutrition specialists, physiotherapists and other health related specialists. IWIN has online doctors for all the employees, especially for the female employees. It also offers special yoga classes for the expecting mothers.
  • The female employees are allowed to take a year’s leave for family reasons.
  • It offers its female employees sabbaticals, extended maternity leave, and enhanced training when they come back to the office.


  • In TCS 11% of the senior management comprises women
  • The best part of TCS is that does not break the service record of women who discontinue work due to family commitments and return at a later stage
  • The company also allows provides role flexibility through job rotations across businesses, practices and functions.
  • A framework called DAWN (Diversity and Women’s Network) has been set up to nurture the professional growth of women associates, focused on encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workforce.


  • It has 15% women among Indian employees, has 30% women in its core senior leadership of 15 members.
  • Female Talent Council,has been set up by the company which is an initiative that helps women come together, share experiences, problems and solutions.
  • A mentoring program that pairs 12 high-potential women executives with Executive Committee members at PepsiCo Asia Pacific

Google Inc :

It has taxis on call for employees, a particular draw for women who may need to rush home to care for a sick family member.

Wipro Ltd:

It runs on-site day camps during school holidays in the spring

IBM India Pvt. Ltd

  • In suburban residential complexes the recruitment teams are sent to hire a only-woman as a part of the programme that seeks to bring experienced women back into the workforce
  • The company offers flexible working hours as well as telecommuting options for employees who can work from home and extended maternity leave. It also allocates shifts taking families into consideration.
  • Adoption leave, which enables employees to avail of three months’ paid leave when they adopt a child.
  • They even have a Women Leadership Council.

SAP LAB’s Social Sabbatical Program – Unique way to Leadership Development

Recently according to a survey, it was identified that 84 percent of GEN Y care about making a positive difference in the world than workplace recognition.

This indicates that it’s time to fundamentally rethink the established approach to talent strategies. Organizations are dedicating considerable resources to promote employees to undertake paid social sabbaticals

Looking at this, SAP started Social Sabbatical program, which sends high-performing employees into emerging economies such as South Africa, India, Brazil, and China. During these assignments, employees support entrepreneurs, NGOs, and government agencies, with the aim of positively impacting the regions economically and socially; they also gain a better understanding of how to effectively operate in these geographies. Employees leave the daily routine of their jobs to spend a month with a host client.

In India, 21 employees from SAP labs deployed themselves with nonprofits across Northeast States. Some employees imparted corporate skills that helped villages create a comprehensive education programme, make optimum use of natural resources for fishery and animal husbandry and sustain traditional weaving. Others provided need based skills like project, legal and people management.

SAP Labs offers sabbaticals from 3 months to two years. Employees who have been continuously employed at SAP Labs for five years can opt for sabbaticals.

Infosys employees volunteer with charitable, governmental or para-governmental organisations in public interest areas. Employees are eligible for a fellowship from the company based on their role, and they get time off from their normal work schedule for a minimum of six months and a maximum of one year.

Infosys’ Community Empathy Policy allows employees to be involved in community development projects while receiving monetary support. They can come back to normal work schedules after completing projects of upto a year.

These community-based initiatives equip employees with unique leadership development opportunities and encourages experiential learning which infuses future executives with the type of creativity they need to problem-solve in an entrepreneurial setting.

SPEED HIRING – Unique SELECTION PRACTICE by startup organizations

Speed Hiring is a selection practice where a candidate is filtered out in 12 minutes by going through a Cognitive Ability Speed Test (CAST) which consists of 50 objective questions on English grammar, percentage, ratios and basic reasoning. Offer letters are handed over to the candidates who are successfully tested on their cognitive skills.

Many start up organisations such as Ola, Snapdeal, Quikr, Foodpanda are rapidly accepting this unique practice of this new hiring tool developed by CoCubes Technologies. This helps the HR’s to recruit at a faster rate without losing the potential candidates since it is believed that the top performers do not wait for the offers when there is a delay in the hiring process.